Manage your data acquisition pipeline and publish as open data!

Responsive Frontend

Angular based web interface to allow access to data, as well as provide administrative functions

Configure Your API

Using the Loopback framework, built on top of Node.JS, your models are defined in JSON and a RESTful API is auto generated. Extend at your leisure with JavaScript.

Flexible Storage and Ingestion

Configured for MongoDB (with support for relational databases) and allowing ingestion via the API or a number of clients

Cutting Edge Technologies

Using Angular, NodeJS and MongoDB to allow a flexible but reliable way to store, manage, and publish data

Open API, Easy Clients

Using Swagger, the API is well documented and flexible. Clients can be generated with a single command for Python, JS, Java, Go and more

Easy to Use & Customize

Most things can be customised within JSON or config files. Extend the models to suit your needs. Submit PRs on Github!

Developed by:

Paul Scherrer Institut
European Spallation Source